Blossom Birth and Family

Blossom is a safe place to learn, share, be heard and participate because we believe that parents who are supported and informed during this critical time of childbearing are more likely to raise healthy, secure children - making our community stronger now and into the future. There's a place for you at Blossom for wherever you find yourself on spectrum of parenting: planning stage pregnancy, newborn preschool years and beyond We hope to see you soon. Our Values Through Blossom you can expect:

To Receive evidence based, unbiased information

Support so that you can make the best decision for you and your family

A Safe Place where all ideas are validated, all “styles” welcomed, and all kinds of family structures cherished. ​​

​Blossom Birth Services was founded in 1999 by Anna Hurty and began in what used to be a dentist's office. As the need for what we provide expanded, so did our need for a new space. Blossom has now had six homes in the last twenty years and landed at a marquee location at the Corner of California Ave and in Birch in Palo Alto. This growth over the years has allowed for expanded services. In addition to the original offerings we are beginning to expand Blossom’s reach beyond the confines or our community space. In 2019 we helped launch the Doula Volunteer Program at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. This hospital serves Santa Clara County has more than 3K births per year. In 2020 we launched online classes and groups. Community still remains a very important aspect to our staff, instructors and board, but with the increasing difficulty of getting around in the Bay Area, we have to meet parents where they are and provide this additional avenue to connect with Blossom and new parents like them.