Michelle G

I was looking for fun activities to do with my baby when I was on maternity leave, and I wanted to connect with other moms in Sunnyvale. I found FIT4MOM by searching online, and I am so glad I did. It is such a great community to join, especially for new moms and women who are home with their babies during the week! The classes are challenging but also provide us with ample time to connect with other women in the community. The program is accessible for all women, regardless of their starting fitness level. The instructors provide modifications for moms who are postpartum or expecting and opportunities to challenge ourselves if that is what are looking for that day. There are also lots of "our village" activities to do outside of fitness, if you are looking for mommy lunch dates and social activities. The instructors are so friendly and supportive. As a new mom, you never have to worry or feel guilty if the unexpected happens and you are a few minutes late or you have to cancel attending a class at the last minute...the instructors all appreciate things can be unpredictable with little ones! My only wish is that there were more classes and activities for moms who are working 9-5 jobs!