January 2024 "Mom of the Month"!

Lyndsay Knutson is our January 2024 "Mom of the Month"!

Who is in your family?

My family is James (23mos), our dog Denver, my husband Kyle, and me!

Why did you first come to FIT4MOM?

I first came to a stroller strides class back in June 2022 after Rachel gave me her card when she saw me walking with my baby on Castro St. Loved the idea and loved the class even more!

What is your favorite part of class or favorite class format?

Now, my favorite class is Body Ignite because if I can get my workout in while avoiding cardio, that’s a win :)

Favorite family-friendly activity in Silicon Valley?

Our favorite family activity right now is going to Magical Bridge Playground in Mountain View early in the day (8/8:30) so we can run around with only 1-2 other kids. It’s still fun when it gets crowded, but it’s extra fun to feel like it’s a whole playground to ourselves!

A fun fact about you!

A fun fact about me is that I’m learning ukulele, which is wayyyy out of my comfort zone because I’m not musically inclined at all—like might be a little tone deaf. It’s been a challenge!!