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Back in May, the FIT4MOM Blog had a wonderful article we loved called: 4 SIMPLE SELF-CARE TIPS FOR MOMS.

Now that it's December (already!!), we're guessing that you might need a reminder to schedule that doctor appointment or that haircut like was suggested in WEEK 3 | PENCIL IT IN: Remember how we mentioned you doing all the things for all the people? This is where it gets real, Mama. Would you let your kiddo skip their well-check doctor’s appointment or their regularly scheduled dentist appointment? Would you schedule them a haircut when they needed it and make sure they got there? Why do we put such a high importance on appointments for others and not hold our own needs to the same standards?

If you're like our owner, Rachel, you may not even have a regular hair stylist! So if you need some fresh color, or a quick blow-out to feel like yourself again, we're excited to introduce you to local mama of two and small-business owner, Carole Morey!

Carole is offering a special price to anyone who mentions FIT4MOM for $40 blowouts and 20% off service total for first time color clients. "I’m here to do beautiful hair and it will be an absolute privilege to work with moms striving to be their best versions."

Carole is located at Red Velvet Hairtique, 2738 Broadway, Redwood City, CA. There is plenty of parking and it's a quiet salon so you won't feel rushed and bombarded by that loud salon vibe. Email or call her to set up an appointment!

Email or call ‭(650) 906-0535‬ to book your appointment!