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Prenatal and Postpartum Care with Custom Chiropractor

This article was written by Custom Chiropractor and shared with permission.


Whether you're a first-time mother or an experienced one, finding ways to enhance your comfort and reduce pain during pregnancy and labor is essential. Custom Chiropractor understands the significance of the pregnancy and postpartum periods in a woman's life. We believe that during these times, it is crucial for women to feel their best and minimize any discomfort they may experience.

Through our specialized examination and tailored treatments for pregnant women, we aim to alleviate pain, shorten labor times, and promote a smoother labor experience.


The Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment During Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, your body undergoes significant changes, and this can result in strain and discomfort in various regions of your spine. At Custom Chiropractor, our prenatal chiropractors are skilled in identifying and effectively treating these areas of strain. The neck, upper back, wrists, ribcage, lower back, and pelvis are commonly affected due to the hormonal changes and increased relaxin levels in the body. Our chiropractic treatments help reduce pain and provide guidance on enhancing stability in the expanding joints. We understand the physical changes that occur during pregnancy, and our chiropractors adapt their techniques and patient positioning to accommodate the growing belly and breast size. The spinal adjustments performed during pregnancy are gentle, applying lower force and pressure.


The Importance of Postpartum Chiropractic Care:

Postpartum care is crucial as your body readjusts after the delivery and adapts to the changes brought about by pregnancy. It can take up to twelve months for relaxin levels to return to pre-pregnancy levels, and during this time, your muscles and ligaments experience additional stretching. As your center of gravity shifts and your muscles regain their strength, postural strain can occur. At Custom Chiropractor, we offer postpartum chiropractic care to support you through this transformative journey. We acknowledge the physical and emotional challenges faced during this phase, including changing hormones, lack of sleep, and adjusting to caring for a newborn. Our chiropractors provide personalized care, taking into account your unique pregnancy and delivery history. Using specialized scanning, equipment, and muscle and joint therapy, we help new mothers ease into this important phase of their lives.

Conditions We Treat:

At Custom Chiropractor, we specialize in treating various conditions related to pregnancy and postpartum. These include:

Pelvis and low back pain

Neck and upper back pain


● Diastasis recti discomfort

Shoulder and wrist pain from breastfeeding


Our Treatment Approach:

To ensure the best possible pregnancy experience, we utilize a comprehensive treatment approach at Custom Chiropractor. Our methods include hydraulic tables, myofascial release therapy, specific chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic pillows, stretches, and home exercise advice. In cases where a multidisciplinary approach is necessary, we collaborate closely with professionals specializing in prenatal fitness training and massage therapy. Rest assured that at Custom Chiropractor, you will find the support and nurturing environment you need for your pregnancy and new baby.

Contact Custom Chiropractor:

To schedule an appointment with our certified prenatal and postpartum chiropractors, as well as our pediatric specialists, please call 408-248-8700. We have convenient #1 rated locations in Palo Alto and Santa Clara, both equipped with Chiropractors and Registered Massage Therapists specializing in prenatal care. Let us assist you in alleviating your pregnancy and postpartum-related discomforts.